Friday, 11 December 2015

100 word challenge With a thump,down the chimney he came it was santa! and he was putting presents under the tree. I came down the stairs ever so quietly and I saw him eating my homemade cookies he said HO HO HO merry Christmas. Then I heard a GIANT THUMP! then santa mumbled oh no dasher fell again I better go so he went.I went to wake up my mom and dad I said Santa came my parents said what? I said again santa came. They said bring up your stocking and open it. I rushed down the stairs stairs to grab my stocking .

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  1. Hi Danzig!I really like your post! My favorite part when Santa said " Oh no! Dasher fell again" It was super funny! I think you need to check your punctuation. I was really confused because you were missing a lot of punctuation. Great Job! can't wait to read your next post!