Friday, 13 January 2017

my christmas vacation

So on my x-mas vacation I went to st Thomas Ontario first we went to London Ontario but we slept In st Thomas. When I say we I mean me my sister Ivy and my mom and stepdad Matthew so on the first day we got to st Thomas we saw my cousins Kalib and Nora and we had a little Christmas with them and we got Nerf guns that have lights on then so we went down stairs to the basement turned of the lights and had a glow in the dark battle. then they had to go home in London so the next day was real Christmas so we open some presents I got a drone and a laptop for my big present and so then we went to papa mark's house and I got to see his new dog I forgot her name and his other dog auto so we went out the shed and played darts with papa marks friend I got a bulls eye [: . so when we got back from papa marks we just went to bed so then the next day was really clear besides going to shop to get Matt's oil changed then we got back then we went to a wing place that was SUPER good so the next morning we had to go home sadly but ya that's my x-mas vacation thanks for reading.    

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